Come into my Garden, Come into my Home

Spring in the desert leaves much to be desired. Especially in the city. Growing up in the Midwest, I took grass for granted. I miss walking down to the local park and just lying under a big wide tree on soft cool grass. Gravel and rocky sand does not generate the same desire.

Last year, I found a local nursery that has hundreds….maybe thousands of plants from desert to humid. Having gone to my fair share of desert gardens and museums, I’ve fallen in love with succulents. Their floweresque plump leaves and variety of colors make them my favorite. Last year, I potted my own plants and they all died. Yeah, all of them. I’m pretty sure that I over-watered them and they rotted. I was so embarrassed that I couldn’t even take a photo to the nursery to ask for help.

This time, I had a great employee at the nursery pot my plants for me and guide me on how to care for each of them. She made my succulent pot look better than I thought was possible and put in more plants that I thought could fit. I still have a glow from that day. Everyday, I walk out on my patio to see how my babies are doing and I’m sure to water them sparingly.

Succulent Garden

Click here to see more pictures of my garden.

When I’m sitting on my patio, in a hammock or on a floor cushion, I can’t help but be happy. Knowing that so much beautiful resilient life is in my home gives me a bright energy. They make me want to be. They make me more than alive.

Next weekend, I will take another pot of a former plant down to the same nursery and pick out some plants. I have 2 large pots and 2 mini pots. I have my eye on a few cacti. Aloe and agave are also high on my list. For the mini pots, I may do herbs like mint or rosemary. The more life I surround myself with, the more energy I will receive. The more my meager apartment will feel like a home.


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