These past months have been a roller-coaster of emotions and events. I don’t even know where to start.

Let’s start with money. There’s goodness in this area of my life. I recently discovered Dave Ramsey and downloaded his Every Dollar app. Its changed the way I understand my spending and my budgeting skills are scores better than I could have imagined, which explains why I could never balance my budget before. Then I found his podcast and I’ve been listening to it almost everyday. Not only is Dave hilarious but he’s down-to-earth, straight-forward, and kind. He’s like the dad I never had. Any who, without reading his books, I understand that there are “baby steps” that must be taken to achieve “financial peace” and one of those is paying off all debts. I’d already tackled about $10k in credit card debit and cut up the credit card. I realized that having that debt around made me feel stuck, like I didn’t have space to breathe, like if anything….ANYTHING happened, that would be the last straw. That credit card debt was initially from my move from Iowa to Arizona. Then it was from everything from clothes, bills, homewares, anything that I could buy with the hopes of getting cash back. The interest and stress I caused myself was not worth the pathetic cashback rate.

By the time Dave worked his way into my life, I worked on getting my budget under control…or more specifically my spending. I spent way too much money on the regular basis. I felt like I should be able to have the things I want and not be deprived. I felt like if i restricted myself, it was a punishment. This came from old feelings. I grew up poor and middle-class. Money was not plentiful and I didn’t learn how to manage money. I didn’t have tools to manage my money well. As a result, I barely knew where my money was going. I tried apps like Mint and some others but I just couldn’t stick to them. There were too complicated and complex. Once my credit card was gone, I fully committed to debit card and cash life. For the past two months, I have not used credit. I pay with cash I took out from the bank or with my debit card. I rarely make purchases outside of my budget, and when it comes up, I quickly move money around to make it balance out. I keep all of my receipts until I can log them in my Every Dollar app. I don’t sync transactions to my bank account because I need the accountability of keying in every single dollar I spent. Its really changed the way I think about my financial state. I realized that I had enough to live comfortably without being over-indulgent. I don’t have to worry anymore if the purchase I will make will mean I won’t have money to pay a bill.

Now my goal is to tackle my student loan debt. I have about $3k left and my goal is to pay it off my the middle of 2019. Once that is gone, I’ll start saving for a new used car.

There’s no reason why anyone should have a credit card, debt, or a loan. Nothing good comes from spending money that you don’t have and paying more because of it. It took too long for me to come to my senses and realize I can live without a credit card and still be normal. Check out Dave if you haven’t. He’s really helped me and I sure he can help you….that is if you want and are ready to receive the help.

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